Vengeance Cabin RHIB

The new Vengeance Cabin is available on RHIBs from 9.5m to 13m. With cabins available in 3 different sizes, Scout, Patrol, & Mission, hosting 4 to 10-persons. The cabin has optional ballistic protection and is fully self-righting for adventure and/or military vessels. A COTS product customized to meet operational requirements on all commercial, defence and humanitarian applications.


Deep V or Stepped Hull
Outboard or inboard engines
Forward cabin escape hatch
Large extended side window for aided docking
Facilitates high speed defence functions including interception, interdiction, patrol, escort and evacuation
Exceptional performance and handling
Wide range of Deep V and Stepped Hulls from 9.5 to 13 metres
Outboard, Sterndrive, Surface Drive or Jet drive
Hypalon tubes or foam fendering
COTS, bespoke or blended solutions
Adapted to meet envelope requirements
Suspension tracked seating
Platform for all tech requirements

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Vengeance Cabin RHIB Models

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